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Anti-wrinkle injections



Anti Wrinkle-relaxing injections temporarily inhibit the movement of targeted facial muscles. Visibly reducing the appearance of facial lines, It can soften the appearance of wrinkles to achieve an enhanced and more youthful look.

Anti wrinkle-relaxing injections could help you look more youthful by smoothing away frown and forehead lines, treating crow’s feet and lifting the eyebrow area and help  to soften the lines caused by facial expressions such as smiling, laughing and frowning.

Using  skill and expertise we can create the most natural and long-lasting results. To achieve the desired effect, We will select the appropriate amount of anti-wrinkle solution needed, this is then injected into the muscles of the chosen treatment area, smoothing away unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Dermal fillers



Dermal fillers are versatile cosmetic injections which can effectively smooth lines, plump and restore volume, and add definition to facial features. Tired temples, hard nose-to-mouth lines, increased laxity of the cheeks or chin, whatever worries you, with the help of your specialist aestheticion  you can achieve a plumper, firmer look with dermal fillers.

You may be aware that there are myriad dermal filler variations on the market. Signature  Aesthetics uses only the very best, CE-marked premium products, which are recognised for their quality and safety. 

Dermal fillers are formulated from hyaluronic acid, the very same sugar that occurs naturally within the body. Working with the knowledge and unique understanding of facial anatomy, it is possible to accomplish a plumped, natural finish with hyaluronic acid cosmetic injections.

Semi permanent make-up


 Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, which works at a much lower frequency than a standard tattoo machine, we gently apply pigment to the skin using very fine needles. The sensation is that of an electric toothbrush being held against your skin – you feel the vibrations but you should not feel any discomfort. We will always work with you at this stage, giving you breaks if you need them. The process normally takes about 1-2 hours, but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements. Immediately after a brow treatment you should expect the area to look 20-30% darker than the colour you have chosen in consultation. This will start to fade after 3-4 days 

Vitamin B12 injections


 Unlike other forms of oral supplements, vitamin injections go straight to work. Oral supplements must be digested and absorbed by the body, and to survive the process, they often contain unnecessary ingredients.  

The Advantages of Sublingual Vitamin B-12. Your body uses vitamin B-12 to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA and protein. B-12 also helps your body metabolize fat and carbohydrates for energy. Although your body is unable to generate B-12, the vitamin is readily available from dietary sources including many meat and dairy products, as we age we absorb less from our diet alone.    

Vitamin B12 increases metabolism and helps the body better absorb the nutrients it needs through increasing digestive functioning. B12 deficiency can cause anemia and depression. It also contributes to disrupted sleep patterns and increases stress levels. Adequate levels of B12 must be maintained to keep our bodies functioning in top shape. Clients can also take a home blood test to see if they are B12 deficient 

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